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Gold Coast Youth Football League Bylaws






















GCYFL Rule Book Overview

The rules found in this document are only meant to cover areas where the GCYFL has decided to follow rules that are not currently found in the NFHS or CIF Blue Book rules. The order we will abide by in terms of rule priority will be:

1. GCYFL Rule Book 2. CIF Blue Book
3. NFHS Rule Book

This means that if a rule is stated in this GCYFL Rule Book, it will be followed as stated - even if it differs from what's stated in the CIF Blue Book or NFHS Rule Book. If a rule is NOT stated in this GCYFL Rule Book, we will follow first what is stated in the CIF Blue Book and then what is stated in the NFHS Rule Book.

Key Definitions/Terminology

  1. GCYFL refers exclusively to the Gold Coast Youth Football League.

  2. Chapter refers to a Chapter franchised by the GCYFL.

  3. Franchised team is one which has met the requirements of its Chapter and theGCYFL.

  4. Associate Chapter is one which has been approved for probationary

    membership in the GCYFL.

  5. Action Play is defined as any play in which the ball is legally in play as defined

    by Rule 4, Section 1 of the CIF Rules.

Article I Mission Statement

The Gold Coast Youth Football League's mission is to:
1. Provide the opportunity to learn the rules and fundamentals of the game. 2. Teach and foster sportsmanship and a love of the game.
3. Build character through mental, physical and emotional discipline.

Article II Chapter Duties

It will be the duty of each Chapter to establish the necessary procedures to assure compliance with the rules contained in this book, bearing in mind that no Chapter may establish rules which contradict the rules and regulations contained herein. In order to remain a Chapter in good standing with the GCYFL, all organizations must acceptand meet the following standards:

  1. Obey all Rules, Regulations, and Bylaws.

  2. Pay all fees, fines and bills immediately upon notification.

  3. Fine/Discipline coaches as appropriate for coaching violations.

  4. Require coaches to follow rules/regulations in the Coaches Handbook.

  5. Attend all league meetings.

  6. Maintain an active board capable of managing their own internal affairs, and

    satisfying all GCYFL administrative requirements.

  7. Record the date and time each player registered with the Chapter in order to

    verify the priority of players in a Conference when a team is overbooked.


Article III Player Eligibility

  1. Player/Coach Conduct - If a player or coach is ejected from a game for any reason, the Athletic Director of Rules must be notified within 48 hours. The player or coach in question will not be allowed to participate in the next game. If he/she is ejected from another game he/she will be suspended from the GCYFL for the REST OF THE SEASON.

  2. Scholastic Requirements - Every player will be encouraged to maintain a sound scholastic record and must be a full time student in good standing (no dropouts). A Chapter may be stricter than the GCYFL, but not more lenient.

  3. Ages and Weights - July 31st will determine the playing age of a player for the current season. A player must be at least age 6 to be eligible for participation. A 10 lb weight gain is allowed for the playoffs based on the top weight for each age based on the Chart below except for the oldest age group in Bantam, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Divisions which allow only a 5 lb weigh gain.

The Division make-up for the League will be constituted as follows:

(Rule change Feb 2015)

A Chapter may allow a 9th grader to play if they qualify as a Senior and

do not on a High School team.

  1. Player/Coach Ranking Matrix - Each team will be required to fill out the

    playerand coach ranking form with accurate ratings for each

    player/coach. (See Player/Team Ranking worksheet)

  2. Conference Makeup - the Player/Coach Ranking Matrix will be used to

    determine the conference structure for each division. Depending on the #


of teams in the division, there will be an appropriate # of conferences to divide the talent and provide a setup where teams are competing against like competition. It is critical that timelyand accurate Player/Coach Ranking Matrices are provided to the league in order to allow for the best distribution of teams among conferences.

6. Physicals - No player is permitted to enter into any type of physical training without first obtaining a physical from a certified physician.

7. Exceptions to Age & Weight - NO exceptions will be allowed
8. Any Chapter with 2 or more teams in the same age division
MUST field at

least one of those teams in Division I.

9. All Division I conferences will have a minimum 8 teams and preferably 9 teams.

10. Drafting Guidelines -

Each chapter must conduct an official draft. The intent of the draft is to assist in the distribution of talent according to team division level. The following general guidelines may be enhanced by a more specific draft procedure to be administered by each chapter individually.

a. Teams may stay together (with or without coaches).
b. Each Chapter must publish their official draft procedure.
c. Players must be placed on a team in accordance with ageand

weight specifications outlined above.
d. Each Chapter must place kids on teams on a first come, first served basis. e. Each Division's (within the Chapter) Draft must be held at the same

time/place with all teams being represented. 11. Certification Process

a. The GCYFL will conduct certification of all players. Procedure,time and place will be given to the Chapters no later than two weeks prior to that Chapter's Certification Day. The GCYFL will be responsible for defining the Certification Procedure. (See Certification Procedure)

b. Onlycertifiedplayersmaycontinuetoparticipateincontactfootball after the certification date.

c. The GCYFL will prepare a master list of all players that areineligible (due to overweight, age, out of boundary, etc.) to play, to be given to all Chapters

12. A player requiring the services of a doctor (illness or injury) cannot return to practice or game play until he has a written release from thedoctor.

Article IV AD's, Coaches and Team Officials -Eligibility

  1. Athletic Directors must be 21 years of age or over.

  2. Head Coach must be 21 years of age or over.

  3. A 21 year old or older head coach or assistant must be present at all


  4. All personnel must submit a background check and must not have been

    convicted of any crime, which would cause them to register under Section 290 of the California Penal Code or be found to be of a violent nature. If information is found about such a crime, they may be found ineligible by their Chapter or by the General Membership of GCYFL for conviction of any that crime. The Chapters will collect verifiable information necessary to


check all coaches, 18 years and older, with the Megan's Law files.

  1. All Coaches must abide by the rules/regulations outlined in the Coaches

    Handbook. All Head Coaches are required to sign the Head Coaches

    Contract included in the Handbook. (See Coaches Handbook)

  2. All coaches must be certified through USA Football with a level 1 coach's

    clinic certification at the minimum. Higher level certificationsare


Article V Playing Fields andEquipment Section
A--Field Requirements
The fields will have the following: All divisions will play on regulation field, 120 x 53-1/3 yards. Exceptions must be approved by GCYFL.

  1. All fields will be properly marked to include yard markers and end zone pylons.

  2. The home team will furnish a down marker with numbers and a ten-yard chain.

  3. A visible clock, which is readable from both benches, will be required for all

    games. If official time must be kept on the field, a 2 minute warning willbe

    given in all 4 quarters.

  4. A first aid kit must be available at all games.

Section B-Official Ball The official ball is:

Mighty Mite, Bantam & Freshman:

Pee Wee (i.e. Wilson K2 or Equivalent)

Sophomore & Junior and Division:

Junior (i.e. Nike 1000J or Equivalent)

Senior Divisions:

Youth (i.e. Nike 1000Y or Equivalent)

Section C-Minimum EquipmentRequirements
All teams must be equipped during all contact practice sessions, scrimmages, and games with equipment meeting the minimum protective standards found in the list below:

1. Helmet
2. Shoulder Pads
3. Hip Pads and Tail Pad 4. Thigh Guards
5. Knee Pads
6. Mouthpiece

Article VI Conditioning, Practices & Scheduling of Games Section A--Conditioning andPractices
No individual team activity may start before the official start date set by the GCYFL. Instructional or Conditioning non-contact/non-team clinics may be conducted at the discretion of the individual Chapters.

Until Labor Day there will be no more than 6 practice sessions per week - each of these sessions will not exceed 2 hours. After Labor Day, practice sessions will be limited to 8 total hours per week - these sessions will not exceed 3 hours (designed for chapters that might be limited to two practice sessions a week due to field availability). There will be no contact for the first 10 hours of practice (Helmets may be worn at this time - no other pads). Full football equipment may be worn starting the second 10 hours of practice, and used for bag


contact only - it is mandatory that a player complete the first 10 hours of conditioning before suiting up in full pads. The second 10 hours can't start any earlier than the official start date mentioned above. There will be no man-on-man contactuntil after 20 hours of practice. Practices occurring 24 hours or less before a scheduled game will be conducted without contact.

Section B-Practices, Scrimmages/Jamborees and Passing Events

  1. Under no circumstances may a team play or scrimmage a team, which is not in the same age and weight classification. This includes High School teams.

  2. Only certified players can participate in scrimmages.

  3. Jamborees (single-day scrimmage sessions) may be conducted with no

    more than 3 opposing teams in a day.

  4. Passing Events may be conducted as sanctioned by the GCYFL.

  5. Two teams in the same Chapter/Division can practice togetherduring

    the season.

  6. Teams will not practice, scrimmage, play or otherwise compete against a

    non-franchised team, unless permission is granted by the GCYFL.

Section C-Scheduling ofGames
The GCYFL will establish the schedule for all league games. Anything outside normal league play will require GCYFLapproval.

Article VII Game Regulations
Section A--Home TeamRequirements
All member Chapters must provide/arrange for the following:

1. An official copy of GCYFL Rules and Bylaws must be available at the playing field. 2. Each Chapter will provide a Game Field Commissioner for all home games. They must be familiar with the GCYFL rules and regulations. This Commissioner will

be the GCYFL host at that field for that day, and the point of contact for all visiting teams. It is imperative that these Commissioners feel as keen a responsibility for the needs of the visiting teams, as they undoubtedly feel for their own home teams! Commissioner responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

a. pre-game briefings of officials/coaches b. GCYFL rule interpretations
c. audit sheet collection
d. crowd control

Note: Game field commissioners should remain outside the coach's box unless needed. Although Game Field Commissioners are appointed by their individual Chapters, they are responsible for their actions to the Athletic Director of Rules and the GCYFLPresident.

3. Each team is required to provide an official auditor that is responsible for keeping the player audit for each game - using the official GCYFL Form

- no exceptions.
a. A member of the opposing team may NOT observe the auditing process. b. All players will be checked for the minimum of twelve action plays per

c. The audit will be conducted from each team's bench area or immediately

behind the bench. No official audits can be accepted from the pressbox or top of the grandstand.


d. At the conclusion of the game, audit sheets will be collected by the Field Commissioner.

Section B-Playing Rules
1. Mighty Mite & Bantam only. Free punts are allowed. (No encroachment) Allfree

punts must be made directly behind the Center. If there is an errant snap the punter must return to his position behind the Center to punt the ball. Failing to follow this rule will result in a personal foul. If the kicked ball hits a defensive lineman, the ball is considered dead and down on contact (First down for the receiving team).

2. Mighty Mite only. Two coaches are allowed on the field at all times, for the entire season and post-season. Coaches may not direct or coach the players eitherby words or motions during the execution of a play (between the start of the cadence and the end of the play). The penalty for violation of this rule is illegal procedure. If excessive violations of this rule occur, it may result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Coaches must be ten yards behind the line of scrimmagewhen the ball is snapped.

3. Bantam only. Two coaches from each team are allowed on the field at all times, for the first 4 games. If one team had a bye, both teams are allowed on the field for the 5th week. After the 4th/5th game, if the "Mercy Rule" is in effect, coaches are allowed to return to the playing field under the same rules allowed for the first 4 games. All other guidelines mentioned above for Mighty Mites apply to coaches on the field.

4. Mighty Mite & Bantam only. Penalties will be 5 yards for minor and 10 yards for major infractions (NO 15 YARD PENALTIES)

5. Freshman use the same rules as the Sophomore, Junior & Senior Divisions.

6. All Divisions. After the official certification, any player that exceeds the official weight limit per age group will be required to play as described below for all X players. The rules are for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. All X players will be required to wear a 3 or 4 inch X contrasting the color of the helmet, on front and back side easily visible.

Offense -
No more than 3 X players may be on the field at the same time.

a. All X players must play on the line of scrimmage inside the Free Blocking Zone (FBZ).

b. The X players must be set, but not necessarily in a three or four point stance, at the snap of the ball. X players will not be allowed to have a blocking assignment that would cause their firstblocking responsibility to be anyone outside the FBZ.

c. The furthest outside X player must be covered by a non X player. d. No plays may be designed to have an X player carry the ball.
e. X player may advance a true fumble or tipped/batted pass.

Defense -
No more than 3 X players may be on the field at the same time.

a. All X Players must play on the line of scrimmage inside the Free Block Zone (FBZ) with their inside shoulder no wider than the outside shoulder of the last lineman on their side.

b. The X player must be set in a three or four point stance at the snap at of the ball.


c. The X player may advance a fumble or interception as long as they are the original player with the ball. No laterals or hand offs to an X player are allowed.

Special Teams -
No X players can play on Kickoff and Kickoff Return. If the Kick Off team has fewer than 11 eligible players, they can request
NO Kick offs. There must have a minimum of 8 players on the field for both kick off & receiving teams.
Mighty Mite, Bantam & Freshman - receiving team gets the ball on their 45 yard line. Sophomore, Junior & Senior - receiving team gets the ball on their 35 yard line Punt and Punt Return willbe considered offense and defense accordingly and thus follow the rulesmentioned above.

The penalty for the misuse of an X player will be an Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The first certification will determine the player's status for the year. An X player for the regular season must remain an X player for the playoffs - regardless of weight. X players will be placed at the front of the certification book. An X will be placed across the registration form from corner to corner and initialed by the person certifying the book. Prior to each game, X players will be reported to the referee by the head coach. Books will be reviewed by request only by the opposing headcoach. Any head coach found to do anything to have an X player participate in a way that violates the above rules will forfeit all games the player has participated in whether or not the player played illegally (?). The head coach will be immediately removed as a coach in any capacity in the GCYFL. The GCYFL executive board will determine whether the team will be allowed to participate in the playoffs.

7. Game Official's Assistants (Chain Gang). Will be positioned on the home sidelines. 8. Game Times. All games will consist of (4) 10 minute quarters. Halftime is 15

minutesmaximum, with the 15 minutes including a mandatory 3 minute warm-up. 9. Ties. In the event of a tie, a winner will be determined by the following:

  1. A coin toss will be held with the winner determining either Offense, Defense or End Zone. If winning team selects Offense or Defense, the losing team determines which End Zone to defend.

  2. Ball will be placed on the 10 yard line.

c. Each team will have 4 plays to attempt to score a touchdown d. One try by each team will constitute 1 overtime series.
e. If a touchdown is scored - the extra point try will follow.
f. If there is a turnover - this ends the scoring try for the offense.

During regular season play, if a tie has not been broken after two completeovertime series, then the game will be recorded as a tie. (Use the NFHS Rule)

10. Mandatory Play Rule (MPR)
All eligible players will play a minimum of 12 Action Plays per game of offense, defense or special teams, or a combination of the three. Spiking the ball or taking a knee to get players their 12 plays will not count toward the minimum 12 play rule and may result in disciplinary action against the Head Coach. The GCYFL Player Audit Form must be filled out, signed and given to the Game Field Commissioner at the conclusion of the game. Each chapter will forward the completed forms to the AD of coaches at (or before) the next regularly


scheduled GCYFL board meeting. Coaches shall list every player listed on the certified roster and state the reason why that player is not participating, (Discipline, Injury, Illness or Drop). This reason must clearly be indicated on the CGYFL Player Audit form. For Championship games, independent representatives acting on behalf of the GCYFL will audit the auditors of both teams to assure that proper procedures are being followed. Failure to abide by the above rules will result in the player(s) affected playing 24 plays in the next game. A second violation by that team will result in a one game suspension for the Head Coach. If, in the judgment of the Athletic Director Committee, the abuse of the rule has affected the outcome of the game,said team will forfeit the game. If a coach violates the mandatory play rule in a playoff game, the team will be eliminated from the playoffs and the opponent will advance. If ateam has won a championship game, and then are found to have violated the mandatory play rule during that game, the game will be considered forfeited. Trophies will be awarded to the challenger. If both teams are found to have violated the mandatory play rule, both teams will record a loss, and there will not be a Champion named for the year in the division.

MPR Challenge Procedure:

-Violations must be reported with a summary of the complaint and all supporting evidence by the challenging coach before 7:00 PM the following Sunday.

-Complaints must be sent to the AD of Rules and CC: the AD Committee viae-mail. -Complaint Deposit - Reporting a violation will require a $200 deposit which will be returned if the video evidence provided is deemed to be conclusive that a violation

of the mandatory play rule occurred. The burden of proof will be with the coach reporting the violation. If the complaint is reviewed and confirmed to be aviolation, the $200 deposit will be returned. If the complaint is found to be without merit or inconclusive, the $200 deposit will be forfeited, and the accused team's chapter will receive the deposit for their troubles.

-Payment must be in cash or on a chapters checking account check. -Evidence. Video evidence must contain every play of the game and may be

compiled from multiple video sources. Footage may be solicited from anyone who filmedthe game. Video may be in DVD, or Blue-Ray, or digital format only. If every play of the gameis not included in the evidence, the complaint will be thrown out, the $200 deposit forfeited, and the accused team will receive the deposit for their troubles.

-Evidence will be reviewed by AD of Rules or a league appointed individual not affiliated with either team involved in the complaint.

-Decisions - A decision will be made and communicated to all involved by 11:00 PM the following Thursday. Complaints proven to be valid will be sent to all coaches in the same division so that the coaches of upcoming games may be aware of sanctions which apply to their upcomingopponents.

11. The "Mercy Rule" / "Sportsmanship Rule":
(I). The "Mercy Rule" goes into effect for every game in every division anytime a team

has a 30 point scoring differential. The rules will go into effect immediately following the extra point.

a.) The coach with the lead "must" remove a minimum of 5 players (Never to require less than 11 players). The players will not be allowed to return to the game unless an injury makes fielding 11 players impossible. In that case a


removed player may return. The players will remove their helmets and shoulder

pads. The team in the lead "will not" be required to run between the tackles. b.) There will be no kickoffs. The ball will be placed on the leading team's 40 yard

line. If the winning team turns over the ball on downs, the ball will be placed on the leading teams 40 yard line or the spot, which-ever is closer. If the trailing team turns over the ball on downs, the ball will be placed on the leading teams 40 yard line or the spot, which-ever is farther.

c.) At the Trailing Coaches option, there will be a running clock starting in the second half. Time will stop only for injuries, timeouts or change of possession.

(II). The "Sportsmanship Rule" goes into effect for every game, in every division, anytime the final scoring differential is greater than 42 points.
a.) First offense the head coach will serve a one game suspension.
b.) Second offense the head coach will be suspended for the remainder of the season

(including playoffs).
c.) Third offense the team will be removed or barred from the playoffs and head

coach will be suspended for the following season.
12. The following is the official method for determining the seeding forplayoffs.

a. Overall Record
b. Head to Head Record c. Coin Flip

Section C-Scouting Rules
1. Films and videotapes may be taken of games/scrimmages. Viewingof

films or videotapes during the game, including half time, is not allowed. 2. Films or videotapes can be made available to other teams.
3. There will be no scouting of practices.

Section D-Spotting Rules
1. Auditors/Statisticians will not engage in spotting or any form of coaching

during the course of a game.
2. Field phones may be used at all levels including Mighty Mite and Bantam when

coaches are on the field.

Article VIII. Rules and Violations Section A--Authority

1. Chapters will be given first authority to deal with all violations, issues, etc. unless the GCYFL deems it necessary to get involved immediately.

2. The GCYFL has the right to get involved in any violation and at any point they deem necessary.

3. All decisions of the GCYFL are final and binding on all Chapters, teams and individuals. There is no appeal of a GCYFL decision.

Section B-Appeals

  1. A team or individual may appeal a Chapter's decision to the GCYFL.

  2. Appeals must specify the article/section of the GCYFL/CIF/NFHS Rule Book.

  3. All appeals must be received by the GCYFL President and the AD of Rules within 24

    hour of the ruling.

  4. All Appeals to the GCYFL will be dealt with by a group of 3 individuals made up

    of the AD of Rules and AD of Coaching plus 1 Board Member. (none of these


individuals should be associated with the matter at hand or the chapters involved - where possible).

Section C--Protests

  1. Protests on matters involving official's judgment will not be considered.

  2. Protests must specify the article/section of the GCYFL/CIF/NFHS Rule Book.

  3. All Protests must be received by the AD of Rules by 7pm the Sunday following the

    game with the appropriate evidence.

  4. All Protests to the GCYFL will be dealt with by a group of 3 individuals made up

    of the AD of Rules and AD of Coaching plus 1 Board Member (none of these individuals should be associated with the matter at hand or the chapters involved - where possible).

Section D--Penalties

A violation of any rule contained herein may subject a Chapter, team, or individuals to any one or more of the following penalties:

1. Forfeiture of game(s).
2. Disqualification from competing for, or taking part in, championships. 3. Disqualification from participating in bowl or post-season games.
4. Suspension, expulsion, ineligibility, disbarment, or probation.
5. Loss of franchise.
6. Subject to a fine of not less than $25.00 and no more than $200.00.

Section E-Game Officials
1. Officials will be scheduled by the referee associations the GCYFL works with.
2. If no officials show up, the Game Field Commissioner is responsible forarranging

the stand-in officials. The game will stand as played and there will be no protest

3. Game officials are to be paid in cash immediately following each game by the

home team the amount which is agreed upon by the GCYFL and the officials association prior to the season. Failure to pay will result in a forfeit. Official assigner fees will be paid by the GCYFL separately.

Section F--Forfeits

In the event that a team must forfeit a game, no less than 72 hours advance notice must be given by the forfeiting Chapter to the AD of Scheduling If less than 72 hours' notice is given, the forfeiting Chapter will be responsible for paying any incurred Officials Fees.
Forfeits will stand unless there were extenuating circumstances and the AD of Scheduling can reschedule the game. The AD of Scheduling's decision is FINAL. A game may be forfeited for the following reasons:

1. Coaches exhibiting un-sportsmanlike conduct toward any game official, player, director, or opposing Coach or player.

2. Parents and/or followers of a team using un-sportsmanlike conduct toward any official, player, Coach, director, or opposing Coach or player.

NOTE: Before the game is forfeited, one warning will be given by a gameofficial & the Game Officials will consult with the Field Commissioner to agreea forfeit

is necessary.

Article IX GCYFL Playoffs Section



All games must be played in a regulation high school, college, municipal, or other approved facility. The AD of Scheduling will approve all locations.

Section B-Playoff Hosts
Semifinal games will be played at a single location per division. The highest seed willbe given the first opportunity to host. If teams from the same chapter in different divisions are the first seed, that chapter will have the choice of which division they will host or will have the option to host on an alternatively approved field associated with their chapter. All playoff games before the semifinals will be hosted by the higher seeded team.

Section C-Super Bowl Host Rules and Requirements

  1. The Host Chapter must have an alternate plan in the event of anyof

    the following:
    a. Field condition is a safety hazard.
    b. Field becomes unavailable that day. (CIF playoffs or other schoolevents)

  2. The game schedule will be set by the Host Chapter with approval by the GCYFL

  3. Field should be properly marked for football.

  4. There should be adequate space for warm-ups for teams playing in the nextgame.

  5. A visible scoreboard and lights must be present.

  6. Adequate restrooms must be available.

    Appendix I - Draft Procedure

Drafting Procedures

  1. Each Chapter's draft will be held at a central location. Draft times and location will be determined by the GCYFL Athletic Director. Each Chapter's draft will bemonitored by an executive board member. The drafts will be held on the Saturday before practice begins and the following Saturday. Chapters must notify the A.D. of which Saturday they want to draft. Procedure, time and place will be given to the Chapters no later than the July GCYFL meeting.

  2. Head coaches have the right to keep their players from the previous year. Teams losing their Head Coach may stay together in the same division as the previous year. AHead Coach moving up from a lower Division will have the choice of bringing his players with him or inheriting the returning team.

  3. The team with the fewer returning players will have 1st pick in the draft.

  4. Teams will be limited to three (3) coach's options, with these options to be taken in the

    3rd, 4th and/or 5th round. Options must be declared prior to the draft excluding the head coach's son who will be declared as a returning player whether or not he has played.

  5. If a coach's option is used and that player chosen was with the other team in the same division, it would then be the team with the lost player to have one pick to replace the player(s). This would be done as an additional 3rd roundpick.

  6. In the 6th round of the draft, the team with fewer returning players will pick 2 for 1 until the teams have an even number of players.

  7. Once an even number is achieved then all picks will be alternating until all players have been taken. Once the draft is official there will be no trades between teams.

  8. Children will be placed on a team in accordance with age & weight as specified in


conference rules.

  1. Additional sign-ups over the maximum number will be placed on a waiting list until

    vacancies occur. This will be accomplished on a first come first served basis.

  2. The GCYFL will be notified of Chapter Draft day at the July general assembly

    meeting. A GCYFL representative may attend the draft.

    Appendix II - CertificationProcess

Certification Process

  1. The GCYFL Certification Committee(s), which shall consist of the GCYFL executive board, will conduct certification of all players. Procedure, time and place will be given to the Chapters no later than two weeks prior to that Chapter's Certification Day.

  2. The Conference certification process will commence on one day between August 1 & August 24. Only certified players may continue to participate in contact football after the certification date. A player may certify before the date if their Chapter President notifies the GCYFL Vice President that they are not able to attend the scheduled certification. The GCYFL Vice President will make special arrangements for an early weigh in and notify all Chapter Presidents of the time and location, (Rule change 2015)

  3. The GCYFL will prepare a master list of all players that are ineligible (due to overweight, age, out of boundary, etc.) to play, to be given to all Chapters.

(1) Chapter Responsibilities. (Returning player certification book) Each Chapter is expected to do everything in their power to expedite the certification process on their Certification Day. Certification will be accomplished on a team- by-team basis. Each team is to provide a typed roster for certification together with all required certification documentation no later than 48 hours prior to the time such chapter is scheduled to certify. Pen and ink changes will be made on the spot as necessary; ineligible players will have a line (ink on the original only) drawn through their name, and the Team Rosters will then be certified with the signature of the Certification Auditor. The original will go to the Vice President of the CGYFL to be processed and returned. The CGYFL will keep a copy. On the day of certification, each Chapter will provide at least one person for each division to assist with the review of the certification documentation of neighboring chapters, as directed by the CGYFL Executive Board.

  1. (2) Playing Age. Proof of a new player's age must be presented at the time of initial certification. Proof of age is by State (or County) issued copy of birth certificate. If this cannot be provided then at least one of the following will be furnished:

    • - Passport/Immigration documentation

    • - U.S. Military Birth Registration or ID card

    • - Federal Government Birth Certificate

    • - County Birth Registration

    • - Letter from school the player is attending, attesting to the date of birth of

      the player, by his full name, to include the names of player's parent(s) that are being carried on the school records. This letter is to be on school letterhead stationery, and signed by the principal,vice-principal, counselor, or registrar of the school. Letter must bedated.

    • - Hospital record with the hospital seal and doctor's signature

  2. (3) Proof of Address. Players must provide a utility bill to prove the current address


where the player physically resides. In areas where chapters use schools and/or school district boundaries, a current report card will be required. In each case where the legitimacy of the residence of a player is challenged, the determination of the player's residence for purposes of certification shall be determined by the majority vote of the CGYFL General Assembly on the basis of the best interest of the players and the CGYFL, as determined in the sole discretion of the CGYFL General Assembly. The parents or court appointed legal guardian may not maintain two residences for purposes of establishing eligibility.

(4) Transfers. If a player moves during the regular season they may apply to the Chapter in which they now reside. The following season they must play for the Chapter in the area in which they reside.

NOTE: In these instances the GCYFL Vice President and an Athletic Director willbe notified in writingimmediately.

  1. (5) Removal. The reason for removal of a participant must be stated in writing (and dated) to the Chapter, GCYFL Vice President and Athletic Director. Under no circumstances can the team staff remove a participant from a certified roster. Dropped participants names shall be left on Certified Roster, but shall be lined out in a manner that will leave the information legible.

  2. (6) Additional copies of Certified Rosters. Certified Team Rosters will be made available to all Chapter Presidents by September 24 at cost. Updated copies will be sent to each requesting Chapter President no later than October 10, at no additional fee.

    Appendix III - PlayoffProcedure

Playoff Procedure

LOCATION. All games must be played in a regulation high school, college, municipal stadium, or other approved facility. The GeneralAssembly Commissioner shall inspect and approve locations. The GCYFL's playoff structure will be established at the annual scheduling meeting and will be based upon the number of teams in each division. Whenever the schedule permits, and there are sufficient teams within a division to warrant it (i.e. 26 or more), a 16 team play-off with a 4 game playoff structure may be held. The decision on the set-up and format of the playoff schedule will be made at the scheduling meeting.

OFFICIALS. It is recommended that there shall be a minimum of three (3) CIF certified officials at each Semifinal, Championship, and Super Bowl game in all divisions, except Senior which should have 4.

PLAYOFF HOSTS. Quarterfinals are to be hosted by the higher seed. Semifinal games shall be played at a single location per division with the highest seed being given the first opportunity to host followed by the next highest seed if needed. If teams from the same chapter in different divisions are the first seed, that chapter will have the choice of which division they will host.


Appendix IV - FBZ Blocking Rules Clarification Free Blocking Zone or FBZ is defined as follows:

NFHS Rule 2 Section 17 Free-Blocking Zone - Legal Blocking Below the Waist, Clipping, Legal Block in the Back

Art. 1. The Free-blocking zone is a rectangular area extending laterally 4 yards either side of the spot of the snap and 3 yards behind each line of scrimmage. A player is in the free- blocking zone when any part of his body is in the zone at the snap.

Art. 2. Blocking below the waist is permitted in the free-blocking zone when the following are met:

  1. All players involved in the blocking are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap.

  2. The contact is in the zone.

Art. 3. Clipping is Not permitted in the free-blocking zone as of 2/2016 (Rule 2-17-3)

Art. 4. Blocking in the back is permitted in the free-blocking zone when the following conditions are met:

  1. By offensive linemen who are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap.

  2. Against defensive players who are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap.

  3. The contact is in the zone.

Art. 5. The free blocking zone disintegrates and the exception for a player to block below the waist and/or the exception for an offensive lineman to clip and/or block in the back is not to continue after the ball has left the zone.